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Charlie – Rope Dart Artist

Rope Dart Artist and Showact Charlie

Charlie is a multidisciplinary artist from France. After discovering the beauty of fire manipulation in 2010, Charlie became part of The Freaky Factory in Lille specializing in Hula Hoops. Shortly after, she helped renew the fire company, creating new shows, animating festivals in the Northen Region of France and growing the fire artist community.

Based in Vienna since 2015, Charlie has had the pleasure of working for multiple festivals in and around Vienna, Buskers & Buskers Bus, leading Circus Workshops, regional events, and multiple variety shows. She also builds unique fire and LED props to add never before seen elements to shows, like her sunwheel, fire skirt, fire/LED bird and more!
Charlie performs with Rope Dart, Hula Hoops, Contact/Spinning/Double Staffs, Pois, Fans, Whip, Levistick, Sun Wheel, Aerial Silk, Unique Props, Bubbles and Breathes Fire!

Red Rope Charlie

Charlie is a multidisciplinary performer specializing Rope Dart, Hula Hoops, Prop manipulation with FIRE/LED props and more!
After discovering Rope Dart in Sept 2020, Charlie hasn’t untethered from her Rope Dart since. It is a mix of martial arts and flow, various combinations and wraps of the rope that show a unique expression of body movements and art.
Charlie is the founder of Rope Dart Nation, debuted her first Rope Dart performance at the Circus Pikard as a special guest, is an active member of the online ropedart community, leads workshops and has a true passion for Rope Dart.
Next Workshop: Dart Democracy 2021 (international online event) 15/05
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Booking Showact or Workshop

To book Charlie for a workshop or event, please contact by mail with important information regarding your event including: Contact information theme of event time location space available for the event/workshop technical information (sound/light) number of attendees (for workshops) special requests

Buchen Sie Charlie für einen Workshop

Anfragen für einen Workshop von Red Rope Charlie oder einen Showact nehmen wir gerne an. Senden Sie Ihre Anfrage per Email. Wir bieten den Workshop für Kinder und Erwachsene an. Die Zirkusrequisite Rope Dart ist 3-5m lang (Seil) an dem ein Gewicht oder etwas ähnliches angebracht ist. Es wird geschwungen, geworfen und um den Körper geschlungen. Schnelle und koordinierte Bewegungen sind hier notwendig. Der Workshop ist sowohl für Anfänger als auch für Fortgeschrittene.

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Red Rope Charlie

Poi Spinning – Staff Manipulation – Spit Fire – Hula Hoop – LED Shows – Fire Shows